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GlobalFEST’s flagship offering is the always-exciting annual concert in the dead of a New York winter night where music fans can experience 12 acts on three stages at Webster Hall all in one night. Our special broadcast on globalFEST 2016 features concerts and interviews with seven of those artists.

Now in its 13th year, globalFEST has expanded into a yearly North American tour of gF alumni, a touring fund to support up-and-coming international artists wishing to tour here for first time, marquee showcases at SXSW and Bonnaroo, recording projects, tours (Creole Carnival) and more. Check out their site for more information:

Afro-champeta party from Colombia’s Caribbean coast:


7 June 2016 Entertainment  Music  News Read more

Tribu Baharu, la fuerza de una guitarra con el swing de percusiones típicamente colombianas

Tribu Baharu : Podrían ser del Congo pero son colombianos, nietos de esa maravillosa mezcla que hace de nuestro continente un extraordinario enredo de ritmos y colores. Tribu Baharu se encuentra con la historia a fuerza de unir 2 orillas, a fuerza de una guitarra y con el swing de percusiones típicamente colombianas. Todo un homenaje a los pescadores, presentado por La Jose… 5’ HD – ARubén Romero, La Josegusutin Fr.

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