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Rancho Aparte

Rancho Aparte

Rancho Aparte


RANCHO APARTE is the name of this group of Colombian Pacific Conformed by young musicians who are looking, without compromise, the root of a music born in the joy of newfound freedom and sadness of having missed a day.

Sound of abozaos, polkas, danzas, rebulú, Contradanzas, Jugas, songs and rhythms that evoke the mother Africa are the mainstay of this group. When Rancho Aparte play sounds clarinet, the copper saxhorn, the tambora, the snare and raizal voice without school . But this is not just a group that rescues the soul of our peopleGo beyond; explores these internal music that living like ghosts crouching in the folds of sensation. The group has made young people hear it and understand it and the old generations, enjoy and dance.


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The artist

Nationality: Colombian

Resident in: Colombia