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Jesus Aguaje y su Orquesta Buena Vista

Jesus Aguaje y su Orquesta Buena Vista


Orquesta Buena Vista was founded on October 13 2013 by Jesús “Aguaje” Ramos, who is the director of Buena Vista Social Club. He created Jesus Aguaje y su Orquesta Buena Vista in order to keep alive the traditional Cuban music and follow the steps of the famous project that he managed the Buena Vista Social Club.

Even if this is a young project Orquesta Buena Vista is composed by master musicians, all veterans of amazing orchestras like Afro-Cuban All Stars, Eliades Ochoa, Charanga Habanera, Charanga de Oro, Enrique Jorrin amongst others.

The Orquesta has performed on the most exclusive and prestigious stages of Havana, Cuba. Orquesta Buena Vista has followers all around the world who are always amazed by their performance.  Orquesta Buena Vista are the Masters of traditional Cuban Music!

The base of their style is traditional Cuban music with a touch of Jazz, Soul and blues!

They have been part of different projects like Cubanos por el mundo and they had performed at many International Festivals in Cuba and abroad.  They recently toured Venezuela and Bolivia. Orquesta Buena Vista are excited to receive the invitation to perform at the  Pan-am Games in Toronto TO 2015

Cuza Agency is honored to represent Orquesta Buena Vista worldwide.