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Cynthia Montaño

Cynthia Montaño


Cynthia Montaño has a very particular style that combines urban sounds with various music styles from the Colombian Pacific. In her music you will hear a variety of instruments including the Marimba de Chonta and the guazas, part of the afro-heritage of the Pacific Coast.

Nomination Shock Music Awards “Best Artist Back ROCKOMBIA” 2010
Recognition mayor of Santiago de Cali in the month Afrocaleñidad for his social work through the Music (2010)
Home of the first architectural work “Ciudadela Educativa New Beating” – 21 Megaobras Cali (2010)
The Pacific Day In The 52nd Feria De Cali – Small square Del Cam (2009)
Young Concert At The 52nd Feria De Cali – Tennis Pan (2009)
Program Closing Party mayor of Cali “Talents Plan” – Convention Center Valley Pacific (2009)
Festival International Hip Hop Ibagué (2009)
Revolution Without Muertos Festival 5 – Medellin (2009)
VI Festival Hipnotik – CCCB – Barcelona Spain (2009)
Festival “Bugarte” Visual Arts – Buga ( Valle ) (2009)
Annual Journalism Awards Al Vallecaucano ” Alfonso Bonilla Aragón “- Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theatre (2009)
Gran Noche Del XIII International Music Festival The Pacific “Petronio Alvarez” – Plaza De Toros Cañaveralejo (2009)
Women Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora – Departmental Library (2009)
Mes De La Afrovallecaucanidad – Plazoleta De San Francisco De La Interior Del Valle (2009)
“For a Culture of Peace” … Cali A New Beating With Woman … – Teatro Crystals (2009)
First Marimba Festival – Plazoleta De San Francisco De La Interior Del Valle (2008)
Third Urban Festival “Crossing The Street” (2008)
Second Congressional District Women’s Hip Hopper – Bogota (2008)
International Seminar “Multiple Discrimination Afro Woman” (2008)
XI Pacific Music Festival “Petronio Alvarez” – Teatro Outdoors Crystals Cali (2007)


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